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Anne Felton (Hines)
Minister-retired Divorced 2
After over 30 years of parish ministry (Unitarian Universalist), I retired and am loving it! I do still consult occasionally with churches transitioning from one minister to another, and counsel colleagues facing challenges in their ministry; also do some guest preaching.

But mostly use my time for what I most enjoy: Hanging out with my family, with friends new & old, and my sweet dog Lucy; volunteering at my favorite Fair Trade store (Ten Thousand Villages) in Pasadena; serving on the Board of our local ACLU; participating in actions of our local Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence; practicing my piano; attending a memoir-writing class and working on that memoir; and of course, doing whatever I can to protect our Democracy! 

And I can hardly wait to see our large, wonderful extended family!
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Tiffany Hines (Flowers)
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Realtor Married 1
I am the second oldest grandchild of Gwen and Jim and the oldest girl grandchild.  I am the daughter of Anne Felton Hines; my dad is Kingsley Hines.  I am married to Karry Flowers and have one son, Joshua.  For fun we like to take our travel trailer to the beach or the Colorado River and relax.  Karry works for Spectrum in the Operation/IT Department and I have started a new career in Real Estate, after working in the Hospitality Industry for over 20 years.  Joshua has just started a new job with Amazon Delivery.  The older Karry and I get, the more we are realizing how important family is; and we appreciate every moment with each other. Send Tiffany a MessageSend Tiffany a Message